Q:Can I pay via paypal/alibaba/credit card/bank transfer/cash on delivery ?

A:No, from Jan 2021 we only accept crypto payments for new customers.

Q: I don’t have crypto, how can I pay?

A: You can purchase bitcoin with bank account and credit card on exchanges such as binance.com, coinbase.com and more.


Q: Can you call me? Whatsapp or other messenger?

A: No, due to impersonators scamming our customers, we only communicate through our official email:sales@innosiliconmining.tech. For established clients with previous orders or large orders (<500 units) a sales executive and in person meeting may be arranged.

Q: I want to do face to face or pickup.

A: Only for order sizes of 1000+ units can this be arranged

Q: Where is your warehouse, I want to pickup and inspect

A: We are not legally allowed to have retail customers in our warehouse and do not ave staff to accommodate these requests.

Units, price and Shipping

Q: Can you please send a price list or product catalogue?

A: Prices on our store and information is up to date, please browse our store an listings. For bulk orders of 10+ we offer 10% discount, for order 1000+ we offer 25% discount.

Q: What are shipping costs to my country/zip

A:Add item to cart and shipping cost will be calculated and shown

Q:Is the item in stock?

A:If it is listed on our store and you are able to purchase then yes it is in stock. For orders of 100+ units please email us with size of order, when you can place it and confirm you have funds available.

Q: What is the PSU voltage?

A: Our supplied PSU works with both 110v and 220v worldwide

Q. What is dispatch and shipping time?

A: We aim to ship within 48 hours, shipping time is 3-10 days.